The word Amain was chosen to represent our club and inspire our staff and members. ​ We prioritise personal growth and goal accomplishment, and believe that it's not always about being the best - but about always giving things a go, being proud of yourself and being the best person you can be.

"Amain", to us, describes our club's aim to assist gymnasts in achieving both their gymnastic and personal goals.

Amain Gymnastics
"With Full Force"

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Our Mission

Our mission at Amain is to create a friendly sporting environment that promotes;
Self Confidence, Growth and Development, Responsibility, Ability to Commit to Achieving Goals, Care and Respect to Self and Others, Fair Play and Inclusion for All. 

Our Goal

Provide opportunities for all club members to participate in a sport where they can meet individual goals, regardless of their skill level. We wish to provide an environment where all persons are considered to be equal and know that they are an important part of our club. 

Why choose us?

The Amain Difference

We offer a professional club wide curriculum that is designed to provide progression for all gymnasts. Our programs are suitable for beginners through to high level competitive gymnasts in all of the sports provided at our club.

Class sizes are kept small to provide the opportunity for more individualized coaching, tailored to the needs of each athlete.

Our coaches are all Gymnastics Australia accredited coaches and all staff must regularly engage in professional development courses.

We promote a space that all individuals feel as if they are included and have the ability to achieve their goals.

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"Jump off the Beam, flip off the bars, follow your dreams, and reach for the stars"

- Nadia Comaneci

Our Team

Meet our amazing Amain Gymnastics team!

Here at Amain, we pride ourselves on quality, driven and enthusiastic coaches who strive to create an atmosphere where everyone, at every level, can grow.


Melissa is our club owner and head coach who holds advanced level coaching qualifications in MAG, WAG and Acrobatic Gymnastics. Melissa is an intermediate judge in both WAG and MAG, as well as an international level judge in Acrobatic Gymnastics. She is an intermediate coach and judge in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampolining, as well are our head coach for our Fitter for Life program.


Rhiannon has been coaching gymnastics for over 8 years and is currently an advanced level coach for both WAG and Acrobatic Gymnastics. Rhi has competed at National Level for gymnastics 6 times and has competed at State Level countless times.


Kasey holds multiple accreditation's including advanced Acrobatics judge, advanced WAG and Acrobatics coach and intermediate MAG and Trampoline coach. Kasey coaches within our WAG, Acrobatic and Fitter for Life programs. She has been training gymnastics since she was 2 and a half years old and previously trained as both a WAG and Acrobatic gymnast.


Tianna currently holds qualifications as an advanced level MAG coach and an intermediate level WAG coach, as well as an intermediate level judge within both sports. She currently trains within our Senior Acrobatic Team and has competed at National level twice in her 10+ years as a gymnast.


Gemma is an intermediate WAG and Acrobatic coach, and beginner Rhythmic coach. Gemma is currently a qualified Rhythmic judge and also coaches our Team Gym class. She has competed WAG in the past and is currently a part of our Senior Acrobatics program; competing at national level twice. 


Liana currently is qualified as an intermediate WAG coach. She is enjoying being a part of our Senior Acrobatic team and has competed at Nationals for Acrobatic Gymnastics twice, along with competing at state level several times. Liana currently coaches within our WAG program.


Emily is a beginner WAG and Acrobatic coach, and is in the process of attaining her intermediate accreditation. Em has been coaching for 3 years and enjoys being part of our Senior Acrobatic Gymnastics program.


Shelby is a beginner WAG coach, and has been involved in gymnastics for many years, including competing at state and national level many times. Shelby is in the process of attaining her intermediate WAG accreditation.


Georgia is a beginner WAG coach and has been involved in gymnastics for quite a few years. Georgia has competed at state level, and currently trains within our WAG program.  


Kayla is a beginner WAG coach who currently trains in both our Senior WAG and Senior Acrobatic gymnastics programs. She has competed at State and National Level several times.


Jayden is a qualified beginner MAG coach with several years’ involvement in gymnastics. Jayden is currently part of our Senior MAG program and has competed at state level several times.


Elisha is our friendly receptionist. Though usually found in the office, Elisha is also a beginner coach, and enjoys coaching our Fitter for Life classes.

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